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Video Blogging

Man, I’ve been blogging a lot about blogging lately! Just came across VblogCentral.com, a site to help you add video to your blog entries. With the rise of camera phones that now do video, this expands the voice blogging idea even further. Amazing.

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Beauty of the Net

I love a site whose tag line is “Because people are nice”. Check out gmailswap.com, a site dedicated to getting oh so hard to get accounts for the beta Gmail service. I love the Web.

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Convention Blogging

Check out this cool resource that aggregates all the Democratic Convention blogging. Neat stuff.

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More Corporate Blogging

Microsoft goes so far as to actually link to their “employees blogging for fun on the side” on their corproate Web site. Check out the MS blogger portal.

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Corporate Blogging

Corporate Blogging: An interesting site looking at companies and blogging. As a related side note, I’ve been thinking about turning my LEGO blog into a corporate blog of sorts…tracking my travels throughout the LEGO Company and the LEGO Community.

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Company to Fans: We like you!

This is an interesting post about the a company showing their fans the love.

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