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Blog Business Summit

Blog Business Summit – a conference for “corporate blogging”. Looks like a neat event, and they have an interesting blog.

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Blogroots.com This blog is a public project to track news in, around, and about the weblog world. The blog is a combination of remote post excerpts from numerous weblogs and local posts contributed by members.

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Social networks used for marketing

SmartMobs.com has an interesting look at some concepts for using social networks for marketing.

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Decline of Brands

Wired always has the most interesting articles. This one about the Decline of Brands is really good. The world, it seems, is disappearing beneath a deluge of logos.In the past decade, corporations looking to navigate an ever more competitive marketplace have embraced the gospel of branding with newfound fervor. The brand value of companies like […]

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Internet users want to be heard

Interesting study on internet users In its latest study of Americans’ online habits, the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that a substantial chunk of internet users want to voice their opinions online. Websites that want to remain relevant should strongly consider building in ratings systems that allow visitors to leave input about what […]

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Amazon adds social functions

An interesting article on new Amazon features: Amazon.com has quietly introduced a new feature on its Web store that lets customers post photos alongside product reviews–its latest effort to build a sense of community among customers. The e-tailer introduced the feature, called Customer Images, last month for certain product categories including electronics, apparel, sporting goods […]

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Speed up Dreamweaver

I thought that if you’re using BlogFusion, you might be interested in this. When you start to open bigger files, Dreamweaver starts to drag. Here’s a great article on how to speed up the app.

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