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Apple joins podcast fray

One of the least community friendly companies around, Apple (yes Apple) screws up what could have been an amazing opportunity. Yesterday they launched iTunes 4.9. In this latest version, podcasting is supported. Apple is allowing podcasters to add their podcasts into iTunes Music Store (for free, of course). It’s all a great idea, but they’ve […]

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Queer Eye Podcasts

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is now podcasting their weekly Hip Tips. Great idea!  

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X-Men and their fans

When I heard that the X-Men fans were up in arms because the director for the third X-Men movie was a new guy, I was very curious to see if the studio would responded to that reaction. While I haven’t seen much reaction from the studio, the new director, Brett Ratner responded directly and clearly, showing […]

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Another good manifesto

I came across this intersting Craft Manifesto. I think it’s quite applicable to the current “participation economy” that we’re entering into. Using the word “craft” here can be replaced by any number of specific terms. 1. People get satisfaction for being able to create/craft things because they can see themselves in the objects they make. […]

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Site down this weekend

Just a heads up – this site will be down over the weekend. The “little server that could” that’s been running this site and others has been the “little server that couldn’t”. So this weekend it’s undergoing a full rebuild. Hopefully that should help eliminate all weirdness you may have seen lately. We should be […]

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Apple + Intel = MS Demise?

 Last night I read quite a bit about the Apple news that they’re replacing their PowerPC processors with Intel processors. None of it seemed to address some of the obvious questions – namely, if the PPC chips (aka G3/G4/G5/etc.) were so smokin fast, why would a move to Intel be a good thing? Once again, […]

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