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People call me The Community Guy

Sky McCloud presents like a champ

If you’ve read Scott McCloud’s books on understanding the comic (visual) language, it will come as no surprise that his daughter is amazing too. Here’s an incredible presentation by a teenager that we can all learn from. Sky McCloud Presentation from Duarte Design on Vimeo.

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Please stop calling it “Recession Marketing”

I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of discussion about how this social stuff (social media, community building, customer collaboration) is a magic bullet for these troubling economic times. The term “Recession Marketing” is being thrown pretty willy nilly. (Did I just use the term “willy nilly”?? Oh my.) These times aren’t about simply changing […]

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8 New Jobs Openings & 3 Job Seekers

Lots of  *NEW Community Job Openings!  Check them out. Community Job Openings: *NEW Community Manager for Record Label (Burbank, CA) *NEW Online Experience Data Analyst (Washington, DC) *NEW Learning Enthusiast/Community Manager (Washington, DC) *NEW Director of Strategic Accounts (Social Media Sales Director) Chicago (Chicago, IL) *New Director of Strategic Accounts (Social Media Sales Director) (New […]

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Uptake needs an UI/Application Engineer… is that you?

Uptake.com is looking to hire. Here’s the info: As a small startup, this person should expect to wear a lot of hats. They will develop application features with a focus on the user experience. This means that this person should be equally passionate about mid-tier Web technologies (XML, SOAP, SAX, Rails, Web Services, J2EE) and […]

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The first Social Media Presidential Administration

For months now, I’ve been calling Obama the Social Media Candidate (and eventually President), and a number of people have raised an eyebrow wondering what I mean. The first blog post on the new Obama administration Whitehouse.gov site answers the question. Just like your new government, WhiteHouse.gov and the rest of the Administration’s online programs […]

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I’m speaking at the AMA

If you’re in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area next week, I’ll be speaking at the Ft. Worth chapter of the American Marketing Association. You can find details on the event at the AMA web site, and the event description is below. I hope to see you there! Ten years ago, four authors started a new conversation […]

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Does your startup need national coverage?

The SXSW team this year is launching a new event: The SXSWi Accelerator.   The event is happening on Monday, March 16 at the Austin Hilton Downtown. The goal is “to showcase innovation, cool new audio/video products, the latest ideas in social networking applications, or innovative web based technology services to a panel of industry experts, […]

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Truly living in the Age of the Internet

At the Golden Globes last night, the always spectacular Tina Fey (yes, I have a crush) called out internet forum commenters as part of her acceptance speech. While this speech was (of course) fantastic, and the bit about the internet was classic, it makes me wonder: how can those of us who want to keep […]

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ANNOUCEMENT: Ant’s Eye View 2.0

After Christmas and at the start of every new year, thoughts turn to our reflections of the year past and the year coming up. For me and for my business, 2008 was an incredible year in every conceivable measure. This year, we grew from a new startup to a solid, sustained business with some of […]

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