I'm Jake McKee

People call me The Community Guy

The McKee family is Seattle bound!

If you follow me on twitter (@jakemckee) you know that I’m in the midst of pretty big life change. That’s right, after 6 years in Dallas, our family is moving to Seattle! When Sean and I created the new and improved Ant’s Eye View in January, we wondered if it made sense to have us […]

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Why do startups fail?

My friend, Jeremy Leonard made a great comment about why startups typically fail. I thought I’d share. There are three reasons partnerships fail: 1) they under perform and everyone gets upset 2) they don’t do anything and everyone gets bored 3) they over perform and everyone gets greedy. Other than that, they typically work very […]

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A day a minute on YouTube

TechCrunch reports on an absolutely stunning factoid: Time Magazine recently called YouTube one of the biggest tech failures of the past decade, which was hilarious. Hilarious in that the site is by far and away the most popular site for video on the web, and has revolutionized the way we view videos, period. Today brings […]

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Are dead communities the sign of a dying industry?

With each new hype, new projects form often without appropriate staffing and resources, only to die down or off a short time later. Today, for instance, the Web is littered with corporate community projects that have little or no traffic or interest. Concern mounts that this dead community litter is the sign of something scary […]

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Managing communities

My friend Patrick O’Keefe is a genius when it comes to online forum management. A few weeks back, he posted a video of his BlogWorld Expo panel… and I’m just now getting around to sharing it. How to Deal with Trolls, Spammers & Sock Puppets Panel at Blog World Expo 2008 from ManagingCommunities.com on Vimeo.

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Thanks for the memories, Ford!

A few weeks back, the folks at Ford recently reached out to offer me a test drive of the new Lincoln MKS. I was a bit skeptical at first, considering the history of the Lincoln brand. Namely, I didn’t figure I was quite old enough. Lincoln is the brand my grandparents drive. Lincoln is the […]

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The power of a great story

Shortly before Christmas last year, I needed a new watch. It was time to step up to a “big boy watch”, forsaking the $100 jobs I’d been used to. Since this was likely to be a large purchase, I started searching the Web. I found a number of fantastic watches, each of them with a […]

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7 New Community Jobs

A lot of great new Community Jobs this week. *HOT NEW* Social Network Coordinator/Facilitator, Boca Raton, FL *NEW* Community Manager Team Leader, Gibraltar *NEW* Community Manager, Gibraltar *NEW* Community Manager, Anywhere *NEW* Social Media and Content Strategy Guru, Seattle or Telecommute *NEW* Front End Developer, San Francisco, CA *NEW* Director, User Operations, San Francisco, CA […]

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1 New & 3 HOT Community Jobs

Please feel free to post any Community based Job Openings you may have or someone you know.  http://communityguy.com/jobs/ *NEW* Facilitator (Wikipedia Strategic Plan), San Francisco, CA *HOT* Community Manager – seeking AGENCY background, Watertown, MA *HOT* Community Manager, Truckee, CA *HOT* Community Manager for Social Networking Site, El Segundo, CA Still open –  Global Digital […]

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