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Hodgman: Obama is the first nerd President

If you do any public speaking, be sure to watch this video. John Hodgman is an amazing (and hilarious) storyteller and his presentation shows it.

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Why is a lack of knowledge cool?

Last week I was reading this article about Secretary of State Clinton talking about Twitter’s role in the Iranian elections. Overall, it’s an impressive statement of the role of social tools on the world stage. But one part had me thinking all weekend: “We promote the right of free expression,” the chief US diplomat added. […]

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Word of Mouth and Small Business

Having successfully made it to Seattle, I’ve been caught up in the haze of work, two year old, and unpacking. What better time to point out a guest post I wrote a while back over at the GasPedal blog. Since it’s summer, it’s time to talk smoothies. — The medical community might tell you that […]

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