I'm Jake McKee

People call me The Community Guy

Friday Fun Thoughts

I got the list of random thoughts below via a forwarded email. It’s OK, it came from the one friend who actually sends over funny stuff. This is a fun read. MapQuest really needs to start their directions on #5. Pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood. While driving yesterday I […]

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Linchpins and Community Managers: The artists of the business world

My colleague, Jackie Huba interviewed Seth Godin about his latest book, “Linchpin“. It’s a great interview, but in particular two things stand out to the community guy in me. Q: You talk about linchpins being artists. What’s the difference between a conventional marketer and one who thinks like an artist? Can you give an example […]

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The loneliest job in business

While perhaps not the loneliest job in business, a Community Manager, especially the strategy building/implementing type is certainly at the top of the list of lonely career choices. Day in and day out the customers and community members you work with yell at you for being too company-focused, while your colleagues more often than not […]

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What’s the ROI of the phone?

My genius business partner, Sean O’Driscoll talks about social, ROI, and other genius points. This one is well worth the watch.

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