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Twitter Followers vs. Influence

File this under: “Concepts we know, but are glad to have data and research to back it up”…. A group of researchers have proven something we already expected to be the case: your Twitter follower count is somewhat of a meaningless metric when it comes to determining influence. To reach this conclusion, the researchers examined […]

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Intuit on Amazon

Many companies struggle with the best way to engage users where they are. On-domain properties are easy since they’re under the company’s control, but what about when users are talking about you and your products off-domain? Intuit noticed that users were having dynamic discussions about their products in the reviews and review comments on Amazon. […]

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How to Develop Robust Moderation Methodology

Moderation, at its core is about ensuring that published content on a particular site, typically submitted by the site’s users themselves, meets the terms of the site’s Terms of Service (ToS). This function is, all too often, seen as an analog task: groups of moderators site at terminals clearing content submission queues asking simple yes/no […]

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Keep SXSWi Weird

Paraphrasing Bono: There’s been a lot of talk, maybe too much talk about this year’s SXSWi. This next song is Douchey South by Douchey. This year’s SXSW Interactive had 12,000 people attend. It was bigger than SXSW Music for the first time. It had 4,000 people more than the year before. Largely I heard two […]

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SXSW Survival Guide 2010

It’s that time of year again! This is a rehash of last year’s version, but that’s OK. It’s the same advice I’d give this year too! So with that, here’s some SXSW tips I’ve found over the years… 1. It’s casual, baby. Austin is one of the most laid back cities on Earth, and with […]

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We The Practitioners

When Sean and I started Ant’s Eye View almost exactly a year ago, we had a pretty clear dream. We wanted to build a company that was based on senior talent, doing in-depth work with clients who were rolling up their sleeves and diving into social media and customer engagement with force. A year in, […]

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Apps vs. Widgets

Are apps just the updated version of widgets? Today Peter Kim asks that very question: Remember widgets? In the early days of corporate social media (i.e. 2005 – 2006), widgets were all the rage. They were light and viral; the minimal effort to support them post-lauch made them more attractive to brands than blogs or […]

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