I'm Jake McKee

People call me The Community Guy

Gizmodo and Comments

Comment and content moderation is a much discussed topic amongst our clients. Hell, it’s much discussed across the entire socialsphere. Most moderation systems, sadly, remain pretty analog: A group of people are hired to review content and give it a yes/no status which allows or bars it from being published. Gizmodo posted recently about how […]

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Honest Negotiation

A couple months back, I had the pleasure of attending the Online Community Unconference. One thing that really struck me was how many people, many relatively new to community as a job function, struggled to understand how to balance working in social media with a certain desire to keep at least some part of their […]

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The Community Manager Role

Yesterday I wrote about the “LEGO is…” meme that I ran across on Flickr. I actually found this meme thanks to a Google Alert on my name. Much to my own humble satisfaction, I loved seeing this quote: “LEGO is seeing Jake McKee @ BrickCon and being simultaneously star struck and yet feeling like he […]

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LEGO is… a fantastic meme

I left LEGO 4 years ago, but I still love it. It was more than a job, it was a life’s dream come true. Not only did I get to work for the company of my childhood dreams, I got to play a small part in helping bring the company back from the brink of […]

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Social strategy by the numbers

A few weeks back, Jason Falls posted a great article, “Why Social Media Purists Won’t Last“. Here’s the money quote: As a result, the social media purists have laid down the law and, so, to participate in social media as a business, you must do things like, “participate in the conversation,” “engage your customers,” and […]

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Social Media ROI Is Meaningless

Social Media ROI is meaningless. There, I said it. OK, maybe that’s not entirely true. But if you product or service isn’t relevant or isn’t up to snuff, then concerning yourself with your Social Media ROI is the wrong place to start your planning. More on this point in this video: Worry Less About ROI […]

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Did Sean get his predictions right?

In March of 2009, my business partner Sean gave the interview below about what 2009 would hold for social media. What do you think? Did he get his predictions right?

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Guest Post: There’s a Whole Lotta Crap Out There

My friend Randy Farmer recently co-authored the new book Building Web Reputation Systems. I’ve just started reading the book, and if first impressions are anything, Randy and Bryce Glass have put together one hell of a worthy read. In order to celebrate the launch (and encourage you to go buy what is almost certain to […]

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