I'm Jake McKee

People call me The Community Guy

Brand Haiku

Ever the community organizer, Aaron Strout started a conversation amongst a group of social nerds last week and his idea was just too much fun not to participate. The idea? Share a haiku about a brand experience in the last month that’s really impressed us. I’ve been meaning to write about several lately, so what […]

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The crazy standards of TSA

Anyone who travels a lot can tell ¬†you how silly most airport security methods employed by the TSA are. Consider: You’re required to show an ID and your boarding pass in order to make sure the names match. What does this really do? And now that I can print out a boarding pass at home, […]

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Red Shirt Guy – a great story

If you’ve spent any time in community work, you’ve run into one of “those fans”. A fan of your brand/product/company who has generated so much love for your brand that the love manifests in unreasonable anger at various decisions or a level of depth on issues that even the product’s original developers never intended. These […]

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