24 Premieres – Jake rolls his eyes

I started watching 24 three seasons ago. The first season I watched was guilty, unrealistic fun so I tried it last season. I got caught up in seeing the story through to the end, although it certainly wasn’t "good" TV. It was basically a repeat of previous season’s story line. (i.e. there’s a Middle Eastern terror plot, Jack’s the only one who can solve – and even then only with his MacGyver man-purse)

I was excited at the end of last season that Jack Bauer was on his way to a Chinese prison. Surely, I thought, there’s going to have to be  a new direction for the storyline.

First episode just ended, and the answer is nope. Same story. Jack comes back from China without so much as a glance at a Chinese prison or any discussion of the hardships endured. Straight into Jack’s magical ability to get out of even the more tricky situation kicks in and now Jack’s back to normal… just like every other season so far.