6 types of social networking users

The Guardian reports on a new report commissioned by MySpace. The report is called “MySpace 08: People. Content. Culture.” and I’ll be damned if I can find a trace of the actual report online anywhere.

An extensive social networking research project commissioned by MySpace has identified a host of emerging trends and tribes that the website says have previously gone undetected by the mainstream.

The biggest takeaway is the 6 social networking user archetypes that the report comes away with:
People who accessed the sites for the sole purpose of making money (4%).

People who revel in passing on information and links whenever they come across something they find interesting (10%).

People who follow the lead of others and join groups connected to their hobbies (28%).

People who use social networking sites to create events (5%).

People who  use social networking sites to stay in touch with friends and family (38%).

Scene Breaking:
People who hunt down new bands and talent online and share that through the site (5%).

Nothing necessarily “new” here, but certainly lends value to the 90-9-1 theory.