AMA: I'm beginning to see the problem

After some fun in-person events, I recently joined the American Marketing Association. Rather than complain from the outside about how traditional marketers aren’t "getting it", I figured I’d help change from within.

I’ve been an AMA member for a month or two now and already have to raise a red flag. Since my induction into the group, I’ve been subscribed to the AMA mailing list, and in that time I’ve gotten scores of emails. I’m getting at least two a week, each yelling to me about how I have to hurry and sign up for whatever upcoming event they have planned, or face eternal doom.

I’ve yet to get a call or a personal email from anyone in the group, yet I’ve gotten no less than 45 emails in a matter of weeks. I’m unsubscribing as quickly as possible. That’s some fantastic marketing from the folks who are supposed to represent the best and brightest of the marketing industry.

UPDATE: To clarify a bit … there is really two AMAs – the local chapter and the uber-organization. The local chapter had originally emailed me a personal introduction. My beef is with the uber-organization.