Amazon's Customer Images

I just noticed a new (?) feature on Amazon: Customer Images. Looks like Amazon is tapping into their customer base, their…… to help them fill out their product image gallery. A great example of not having to pay people to do work WITH you. As a wise man (and former boss) used to say often and loudly: It’s not about marketing TO consumers, it’s about marketing WITH consumers.

What are customer images?

Your pictures of products in action, with captions – photos of product features (‘see the simple controls on this music player’), products in use (‘here’s how to install the ink cartridge’), product performance (‘this camera’s macro mode is incredibly sharp’) – anything you can imagine to help other shoppers learn about the product!

Why share images?

Sometimes product descriptions and manufacturer supplied images are not enough. Here’s your chance to help millions of fellow customers learn more about how a product looks, behaves and performs. Think of customer uploaded image as reviews in pictures.