Apress – Doing It Right

It’s easy to talk about those companies who don’t get it, or aren’t doing things like they should. There’s plenty of examples out there. But the good companies, the companies doing it right don’t often get as much attention as they should.

So in an effort to rectify that, I’ve added a new category to the blog – Doing it Right.

The first example is the tech book publisher – Apress. Explore this site for even a few minutes and you’ll find:

  • Links to, and a portal for all the blogs that their current authors are running
  • Alpha & Beta books – giving Apress fans the ability to checkout what’s in the works, and how far along it is, and goes so far as to ask for feedback from users
  • Forums for open discussion on their main book subject matter subjects
  • Calendar of relevant events
  • User group support
  • RSS feeds
  • Articles

In addition to trying to sell you books, they’re clearly trying to help you be smarter and better informed, as well as providing a means to help you share that knowledge. As a tech publisher, they’re saying to techies “we’re in this together”

Bravo Apress – I look forward to seeing how you grow this effort.