Ask the Community Guy

As mentioned in my previous post about the 2008, I mentioned that I’m going to be speaking less which will free me up to help out more. One of the biggest parts of that effort will be the Ask the Community Guy feature I’ve added to the site.

Have a question about customer engagement, crowdsourced design, community building, social media, or other such topics? Ask away! Participating is simple, just send a question one of the following ways:

  • Post a question as a comment in this thread
  • Email a question to
  • Message @askcommunityguy on Twitter (or direct message is fine too)

I’ll be doing my best to answer all the questions that come in, even if not immediately. And since I have plenty of things to learn myself, I’ll be reaching out to other smart people to answer questions that are outside my range of knowledge.

The Community Guy is in. How can I help?