Be Friendly

This article, apparently, got quite a bit of play around the blogosphere recently. I missed it originally, but am glad I found it now. Good stuff.

Not that you can’t have a huge community without that rule… slashdot is the perfect example. But if you’re trying to inspire passionate users, I believe that enforcing a "Be Friendly" rule can be one of the best moves for long-term growth and retention of the community.

Enforcing a "be nice" rule is a big commitment and a risk. People complain about the policy all the time, tossing out "censorship" and "no free speech" for starters. We see this as a metaphor mismatch. We view javaranch as a great big dinner party at the ranch, where everyone there is a guest. The ones who complain about censorship believe it is a public space, and that all opinions should be allowed. In fact, nearly all opinions arewhat you say there, it’s how you say it.
allowed on javaranch. It’s usually not about

Worth a read.