Biz Blog Essentials Final Thoughts

OK, so maybe my last post about the Essentials of Business Blogging came off as a bit harsh. It certainly wasn’t meant to be. I think there was some great content shared, and I got the feeling that most people in the room were happy with what they’d learned.

I still feel like there’s a major problem with the direction this seminar took from a high level. As I mentioned, the seminar to me had the feel of giving a 14 year old a new car and telling him to take a road trip… not yet having had any drivers training.

While the session successfully mentioned some of the pitfals of business blogging, what they didn’t do was anything related to the discussion of how business blogging fits into an overall strategy, an overall direction. Anyone who’s seen a homeless man yelling at you about Jesus as you pass by, simply having a conversation isn’t necessarily an inherent “good thing”.

Business blogging is important, significant only if it fits into a larger strategy by the company to form a real relationship with their consumers/customers. Simply yapping at them in a one-way, directed way is simply using new tools for old school tactics.

So I guess my final thoughts on the matter are this – if you already have a clear idea of the why, then head to their next seminar to find out the how.