Blingo does it again!

I’ve talked about Blingo before – but for those of you who don’t remember:

Blingo is a search engine with a twist. Each search on Blingo is also a chance to win a prize.

And it’s not some new fangled search technology – it’s the same Google you know and love. (But with different ads, which is how Blingo makes it’s scratch). Not only do you win when you happy to do a search at just the right time, but you also win if people that have signed up under you win.

If you don’t think it works, let’s recap my winnings thus far:

  • 5 movie tickets
  • 2x $15 Amazon gift certificates
  • 1x $25 Amazon gift certificates
  • 1 Sony PSP (this weekend, baby!)\

UPDATE: Thanks to a request for a screenshot of my winnings, I’ve actually updated the list above to accurately reflect my winnings – I didn’t realize my memory had gotten THIS bad! I’ve also added a screenshot here.
Most of these prizes have been won when the people who have signed up under me won. This is real deal, and I’m loving it.

What are you waiting for?? Sign up now!