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ze Frank gets it right

Hilarious, and surprisingly spot on look at foolish comments/trolls/online aggression.

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7 ways to support an emotional bond to a product

Humans do something really odd; we form emotional bonds with physical objects. The coffee mug we use every morning gives us a sense of comfort as we start our days. That t-shirt from the Pearl Jam concert 20 years ago makes us smile when we wear it. The keyboard we are used to makes it […]

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Cool beta signup model

From turntable.fm: I haven’t seen this method of handling beta signups for new community tools. It’s a great way to both control and drive initial usage.

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I’ve been meaning to share these two presentations for a while. Both are very cool, and both deal with trend prediction. The first is for 2011 and the second for 2010. Take a flip through them. Some interesting predictions about what we’re going to see this year and what we saw (and didn’t) last year. […]

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Buy and sell social media fans with FanAuction

I’m proud to report that Ant’s Eye View has launched a new product that we’re really excited about: FanAuction™. Simply put, FanAuction™ solves two of the biggest problems in social media today: How to quickly acquire new fans to prove social media ROI Eliminating ongoing spend to support fan activity you no longer need Here’s […]

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Chrysler tweet: an issue of process

Over the weekend, I had several people from big brands ask me what I thought about the Chrysler tweet debacle, and whether I thought the right actions were taken. If you haven’t heard, an employee from the agency that ghostwrites the @ChryslerAutos twitter handle accidently posted a tweet to that handle rather than their personal […]

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