Book Review: Podcasting Hacks

Through the relationship with the publisher of my book, I’ve gotten hooked up with O’Reilly, the coolest tech book publisher around. On occasion, they send me a book to review and I’ve been writing up some words on Amazon and and other places. But I thought it’d be wise to post the reviews here as well, as I know some of you fine readers might find some interest as well.

The latest book I’ve reviewed is a great one: Podcasting Hacks

While this book is a solid starting point for newbies, this book is a must read for bloggers, developers, and other tech smarties that are looking to get started with podcasting.

The well known "hacks" format also does a great job of allowing people to jump and and then jump out. It also covers a wider range of topics than a typical podcasting book. I mean, how many podcasting books actually have a section called "Podcasting without a blog"?

If you’re looking to start your own podcast, definitely pick up this book. Especially if you already know a thing or two about technology or blogging.