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Great quote: “Blogs are to cats what the Web is/was to physics documentation”

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A audience member mentioned that there was thick fear in the room about blogging. Absolutely true.

People are asking a lot about how much ad revenue can be expected, or how to find bloggers to take to the load off internal employeesk, or how to ensure the agency hired will do their job right in engaging the bloggers without the company participating. And the sad part is that nobody from the speaker list is responding with “what’s your overall strategy”. If you’re a trying to create a “expert blogger” persona about yourself, for instance, your strategy would quite simply preclude ads.

Speaker Janet (former Enron employee) mentions “Act on the outside like you do in the inside”. She mentions that if blogging was as big back in the day, Enron scandal wouldn’t have been the size it was.

Anil mentions IBM has a great blogging policy.

Janet mentions that the best place for PR agencies in the process is helping to define and prepare crisis response.