Can Showtime really be THAT clueless?

I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the new Showtime series “Californication“, and since I don’t subscribe to Showtime, I checked iTunes. No luck, it’s not there (at least not yet).

So I headed over to the offical site to see if there was any info I could dig up on when it might be posted. Not surprisingly (for any network, really – official sites are largely pointless), there was no info here either.

I figured I’d check out the message boards to see what the fans were talking about – maybe they’d know.

I could view a list of message threads without being a member, but I had to log in to read anything. Remember when this used to be common practice? You know, 1998.

The truly foolish thing, however was some text in the footer of the message board area, image below.


Just in case you can’t read the text, it says: “This website is intended for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions.”

Is this some sort of inside joke amongst the site developers or do they really expect that a) there’s any real value in this sort of restriction, and/or b) that there’s any ability to even remotely enforce it?

What do you think? Forgotten April Fool’s Joke?