I'm Jake McKee

People call me The Community Guy

A little misty…

In late 2002, 10 LEGO colleagues, me included, came together to develop the Community Strategy moving into the future. This group, the “Launch Crew” (we had a whole Mars theme) met for 10 weeks, putting our jobs on hold in the busiest time of the year to develop plans, ideas, strategies and teams. Out of […]

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Another Jake Interview

Thought some of you might be interested to know that I was interviewed on another podcast, this time for the Architectonic blog. I’ve not listened to it yet, so I can’t make any claims about how good the interview went! The podcast feed can be found here. Thanks to Christopher for the fun time and […]

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I'm in another book

I’m in another book… well, sorta. I’m in the acknowledgements at least. Yun Mi Antorini has been working on her PhD for a while and has just published a book with  her findings (as well as a few other colleagues). Yun Mi and I have been talking about community concepts for years now, and it’s […]

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Excerpt from Spark

John has a short snippet from my interview with him for his book Spark. It’s a really interesting book, and well worth a read. Check out the snippet here, or read below: In Chapter 13 of Spark, Build a Community , I interviewed Jake McKee from LEGO. Jake’s ideas about building a realtionship are important: […]

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BusinessWeek – The Power of Us

I’m a few weeks behind on posting about this, but several months back i was interviewed by BusinessWeek for an article that came out in a recent issue. The article, The Power of Us, was pretty good. Best part was the group of fans that I’d hooked up with the reporter on this story who […]

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I'm an ourmedia.org moderator!

I volunteered to be a guest moderator over at ourmedia.org. Pretty fun go to through the archives to find my featured item suggestions. My favorite, by far is Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon. Hilarious and well done. So head over to ourmedia and check things out! (You can even see my mug on the home page)

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