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Guest Post: There’s a Whole Lotta Crap Out There

My friend Randy Farmer recently co-authored the new book Building Web Reputation Systems. I’ve just started reading the book, and if first impressions are anything, Randy and Bryce Glass have put together one hell of a worthy read. In order to celebrate the launch (and encourage you to go buy what is almost certain to […]

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Bonfire Builders Interview

Over at the Feeding the Puppy blog, John has baked up an interesting concept to describe the social stuff vs. traditional advertising: Bonfires & Fireworks. For whatever strange reason, John has branded me a Bonfire Builder and interviewed me for his blog. Here’s a snippet. How do you persuade others of the need to build […]

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Monetizing Twitter

The question often comes up, “How can I monetize [our presence on] Twitter?” (or blogs, or any sort of social media tool, really) Let’s step aside from the issue that this is usually a dumb, or at least short-sighted question. The real question is first “What’s our business objective for being on Twitter?” If the […]

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How social media will change in 2009

On a recent trip to Seattle, I was invited to sit down with Blake from Visible Technologies for a short interview. The video below is part of that interview, where I attempt to answer the question “How will social media change in 2009?”

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Ant’s Marching: Sean talks to Visible Technologies

Check out this great interview my colleague Sean recently did with Blake from Visible Technologies.

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Speaking of Podcast Interviews…

I had the pleasure of being invited by Eric over at MarketingMonger.com to talk about Social Media and Big in Japan and other assorted subjects. Eric is on a quest to interview 1000 marketing people, and I was number 79. Check it out and if you’re interested in helping Eric drive to 1000, drop him […]

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