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iPhone Apps are not dead.

To read TechCrunch and GigaOm, you’d think that the iTunes App Store is crashing and burning. Both articles have used the overwhelming sales numbers as a catalyst for a “too cool for school” rant about how the App Store and iPhone apps in general are destined for failure. Steve Jobs released the numbers for the […]

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Do you trust your agency?

Several weeks back I wrote (ok, ranted) about the current state of agencies and why I think things are off track. One of my issues was that clients don’t trust their agencies and agencies aren’t going out of their way to give them a reason to. I had some offline push back on that point, […]

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Blog comments are broken, and how to fix them

You may have noticed that I’ve changed the comments functionality on this site to use Disqus rather than the default WordPress comments functionality. Why, you ask? Basically because, generally speaking, blog comments are broken and after complaining about it for years I’m ready to be part of the solution rather than the problem. After five […]

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Education is Fluid, or should be

Many have talked about this video already, but I like to set “post-trends” (you know, jumping on after all the cool kids already have!) Not only is this a wonderfully created video, it tells a powerful message. It’s no wonder America isn’t graduating enough science, tech, and math students and therefore loosing our innovation dominance […]

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Rant: Online Etiquette Tips

OK folks, it’s that time again. Mr. Online Manners (you know, Jake) has a few helpful tips for engaging in the online interaction space. Check Snopes.com before hitting send Before you forward any email that contains some seemingly serious issue to your entire address book, do a quick search on Snopes. It’s a fantastic site […]

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Tail wags the dog, RIAA-style

Spike points out a fantastic story about the RIAA suing music fans (not surprising) for trading files that were approved for sharing by the record label’s marketing department (surprising). Story here. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which has become notorious for suing anyone from high school students to retirees for downloading music from […]

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Disappointed with Amazon

I’m more than a little disappointed with Amazon today. If you know me,  you know my crazy deep love for amazon. They’ve had minor mis-steps over the years, but nothing as big at the current one: Ads. Amazon is a commerce site, a store; they sell goods. And the last time I checked, they were […]

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