Clue Unit: Co-creation and Contest

The latest Clue Unit podcast has been posted, this time we focus on co-creation.

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Since we were talking about co-creation, we’d be remiss if we didn’t call out one of our favorite examples of co-creation: JPG Magazine. In the spirit of wonderfulness that JPG is bathed in, they have offered up several subscriptions to the print magazine for us to give away.

If you’re interested, the rules of this contest are simple:

  1. Surf over to and dig around.
  2. Find your favorite photo related to creation.
  3. In the comments section of the Clue Unit blog entry (not on this site), post a link to this photo and a reason why you think that photo describes creation.

In about a week, we’ll randomly select 2 random qualified entries. Winners will be reading/drooling over JPG with the very next issue!

If you’re interested in increasing your odds, you can submit more than one entry (only one per day, please).

What are you waiting for? Start your search!