Common Craft Store Launches


Lee and Sachi at Common Craft have launched a very cool concept: The Common Craft Store where you can buy licensed versions of their amazing video content. Here’s their story on why they launched it:

Why have you created the Store? I thought your business was making videos for companies?

We often hear from individuals who know that we offer free, non-commercial versions, but would like to use our videos professionally and/or in the workplace. They are often concerned about permission and proper usage. By opening the Store, we are providing these people a clear and worry-free path to using the videos for professional purposes.

Further, the store enables us to focus more on our own productions. We love working with clients, but the store will enable us to produce more videos that reflect the needs and interests of our community.

Check out the videos if you have a chance, they’re amazing. Congrats to Common Craft for this big move forward!