Community Contest 2007: Day 4 Winner!

I’m extremely excited to announce today’s winner. My buddy Jeremy Harrington has offered an incredible prize: A completely custom designed WordPress theme. That’s right, one lucky winner will be able to work directly with Jeremy to create their hot new blog look and feel.

I really liked today’s submissions, and reached out to Jeremy to help me select a winner. Together, we were both very impressed with Judson’s submission of Flickr. For those of you who know my unnatural love for Flickr, this comes as no surprise. But it wasn’t just the fact that Judson was recommending Flickr, it’s the points he made about why it’s such tasty Web goodness.

Congrats, Judson! You’ve just earned yourself a one-way ticket to bloggy heaven. I’ll put you in touch with Jeremy to let the magic begin. Thanks, Jeremy!


Design extraordinaire, Jeremy Harrington