Community Contest 2007: Learning to Share


(This is Day 1 of 5. Prizes and contests daily this week!)

Any robust community is all about sharing; it’s what powers the group. Without an open exchange of ideas, content, and kind words, you don’t have community you merely have a group. Sharing is the social glue that creates long lasting relationships.

In a quest to reduce risk, holding their cards close to the vest, business has forgotten how to share. Your customers & community members what you to pass along information, give them insight into the company/brand they love, and create a relationship that’s based on a collaboration. Trust is built through this collaboration, and trust is a core tenet of customer interaction.

To kick off the Community Contest 2007, you have to learn to give something away before you see the reward. You have to trust that your sharing will return something positive.

Day 1 Challenge: The Trust Exercise

To enter, do one of two things (or both):

  • Leave a comment on this entry that includes your name and email address
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That’s easy, eh?

Day 1 Prize: ???

This challenge is meant to have you willingly share something simply to trust the process. So in that vein, I’m not telling you what you’re going to win. I’ll give you a hint that there will be multiple winners…

Deadline for Submissions: Midnight Central Standard Time (CST), 22 October. That’s tonight, so what are you waiting on??

Original Photo Credit: SeenyaRita