Community Contest 2007: The Teaser I

Springfield Chili Cook-OffThere’s nothing I like better than giving away cool stuff to smart people. Lucky for you, fair reader, I find myself with a stack of goodies and have devised a plan to give them out and have some fun at the same time. (With any luck, this will turn into a yearly event)

Community Contest 2007: Sharing the love

Our first annual event will be focused on spreading the word about things we like. A series of challenges will test your abilities to find and share cool stuff from your lives, from the web, and from your friends.

Starting on Monday, I will be posting a new contest every day with a new prize given at out the end of the day. The contests will all be pretty easy to do, but as the size of the prize increases so too will the difficulty.

Want to start cramming? Start thinking about cool finds that you’re dying to share with others. Why kind of finds? Ah ha! Therein lies the mystery. More details will forthcoming leading up to the Monday morning kickoff.

(If you’re interested in donating goodies for the prize pool, please drop me a line)