Corporate PayPal

Talking to Johnnie Moore today via Skype. He and I started talking about micropayments in relation to small contracts. Basically, being able for a contractor to do a small amount of work for a company for a small amount of pay. For instance, what if a company simply needs a quick bit of feedback on a project they’re working on. Only 15 minutes of work, for instance. How do you make this worthwhile for the contractor, and easy to pay for the company.

Certainly you could use Paypal for this, but who in their right mind isn’t worried about the “Paypal” line item on their corporate card? Nobody wants to have accounting reporting you for buying lamps on eBay when you’re actually paying an expert for 15 minutes of brainpower.

I actually see this as an opportunity for Paypal (via a CorporatePay … or something less childish than “Paypal”), or perhaps a new service all together.

What do you think?