Creating a book, one blog entry at a time

I just stumbled across this really interesting site – Writers Block Live. Basically, a former Apple employee is blogging his Apple experiences with the drive to a book when he’s collected enough content.

Writing a book may be easy for some, but definitely not for me. Writers Block Live will put you right there among the chaos and pain of creation. See me struggle to remember the events I’m writing about, and grope around in the dark trying to find the right words to describe them. See the unpolished beginnings and hopefully watch them morph into something good.

But you can be more than just an observer; leave comments on articles that you like (or don’t like); tell me about things that don’t make sense; offer suggestions about content or style or spelling. It will all help me move things in the right direction.

From the entries I’ve read so far, this is just the kind of "personal journey" book I’m going to enjoy reading.