Do you trust your agency?

Several weeks back I wrote (ok, ranted) about the current state of agencies and why I think things are off track. One of my issues was that clients don’t trust their agencies and agencies aren’t going out of their way to give them a reason to. I had some offline push back on that point, so you can imagine how redeemed I felt to see Marty Cooke, Chief Creative Officer at SS+K say that yes, clients have lost trust with their agencies.

So why? Why have clients lost trust in their agencies?

I stick with my original point that it’s because agencies have lost their spine (assuming they ever had one). They’re not partnering with their clients in a way that allows them to say “Look, that’s the dead wrong way to do this project and we’re not going to be part of it.” They’re also not keeping up with the times like they should. Find me a medium to large sized agency who can do great work around social media and online community and I’ll give you a gold star. Even better, find me one who can do it and can also bill for it and I’ll give you a trophy.