Experiential Marketing Summit

If you’re interested, I’ll be speaking at the Experiential Marketing Summit, May 8-10, 2006 in Chicago.


The most passionate customers don’t wait for your marketing. Fan clubs and fanfests are popping up left and right as brand evangelists (Star Wars fans, eBay fanatics) look for ways to congregate and celebrate the brands they love. But knowing how and when to tap into those events and determining the proper ways to support key customer guilds (without forcing corporate initiatives into the fray) can be a delicate science. Case study: A core group of Lego’s most loyal consumers—on their own—have created virtual communities and actual events built around all things Lego. You’ll hear from Lego’s community-building evangelist about the right approach for nurturing the brand’s most important relationships.

Should be a good time – looks like a fun event. Unfortunately, I have the dreaded "last session of the day" spot, but that’s OK by me. I’m happy to send people home with non-traditional thinking firmly planted in their minds!

(And of course, I’m not longer in this role, but I’ll be talking about the experiences learned anyway)