Fan created commercials

 Recently, Wired magazine ran an article about the phenomenon of fans creating their own ?commercials? for a product/service. 

           Though his ad looks like it was done by a pro, Masters is a
           36-year-old high school teacher from Orange County,
           California. He created the spot in his spare time. Working a
           couple of hours at a time, the ad took five months to make. / 

           “I did it for fun,” he said. “I love motion graphics. I
           like creating visuals.”

Converse has recently announced a contest for people to create short spots that will then air on MTV and other networks. Other companies are doing similar things, including Mercedes and Coors Light.

When you look at online fan communities, you’ll see that there is a lot of untapped potential. Check out this terrific LEGO animation (you’ll need DivX).