Flash and LEGO Design

A colleague just send me a link to this interesting article from one the creators of Macromedia Flash.

The human mind is much too limited to capture the entirety of a complex creation all at once. With LEGO, you can start with the vision and work out the details of the design as you progress. With patience and persistence, I developed the following LEGO-based design process. It’s more or less the same process we ultimately used to develop Flash.

    1. Choose a problem: Build a LEGO ship.
    2. Develop a vision: What sort of ship will it be? How big will it be? What will it carry?
    3. Build: Build the framework of the ship.
    4. Fill in the details: Design and build the details of the ship, ramps, doors, etc.
    5. Test: Drive the cars around the ship and sail the ship while exploring the house.
    6. Refine: Take parts of the ship apart and make them better.
    7. Learn: Take what you learned from building this ship and use it to build a better one next time.

(On a side note, I feel really old that I can remember the launch of Future Splash)