Friday Finds – Podcast Resources

I’ve been cruising the Web looking for cool PSP movies for my trip to Denmark this week (through next). I thought I’d share some of the cool Podcast, video, PSP, and video iPod related stuff I’ve found.

  • – vintage cartoons for download
  • – a great directory of some cool video content
  • CommonFlix – For selling and sharing video content
  • Podtropolis – Not sure how legal this is, but it’s a  BitTorrent directory for finding TV shows, movies, etc. for your portable device
  • Veoh – Apparently much of their 20,000 video content library is in PSP format.
  • Komikwerks PSP comics – Don’t know yet if any are good, but site holds promise
  • TiVo Desktop 2.3 – Moving content from TiVo box to PSP? I might just have to give up my Comcast dual-tuner box!

And while I’m on the topic… check out iPod Wizard, a software to change out the graphics on your iPod operating system.

Also, if I noticed that after the announcement of the Disney/Apple deal, there’s a bunch of new TV shows in the iTunes Music Store. South Park, Drawn Together, MTV shows, and Comedy Central stand-up.

Must. Resist. iPod. Video.

… at least until they have a 120 GB version. I have 60GB of music already!