Social Engagement Journey: How to start a movement

If you haven’t seen this TED Talk by Derek Sivers, it’s really worth the watch. Derek talks (in 3 fun minutes) about what it takes to start a movement, including leadership and more importantly, a following.

As I watched this, I couldn’t help but think about the Social Engagement Journey. Mavericks (leaders, in Derek’s story) appear in Stage 2 and can do some amazing things. But moving past a maverick approach into a more operationalized set of social activities requires followers. A maverick’s job is less about “doing social media” and more about helping their colleagues see the vision of the future, and to embrace those who join the path to that journey in a way that encourages the rest of the company to get on board.

UPDATE: Spike points out that he wrote about this same thing a while back. Worth a read too!