Interesting looking new book

I just came across this new book: Communities Dominate Brands. From the back cover:

Communities Dominate Brands covers changes altering business and industry worldwide with lessons from leading connected societies such as Finland, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong as well as the UK and USA. the authors explain community behaviour in gaming and virtual worlds, among bloggers and the ever growing herds swarming with the mobile/cellular phones. 

Archaic business models are under threat by the new world order of the new digital economies. Raiders are after your customers like never before. Communities Dominate Brands discusses disruption, convergence, cannibalisation and new marketspace. The authors explain the business relevance of CANs, iPod, MMOGs, MVNOs, PVRs, SMS text messaging, VOD. This is the definitive business and marketing book, showing what businesses need to do to make money in the new digitally congerging environment.

Good to see the author has a blog for the book. I’ve emailed him to request a review copy. If that effort is successful, I’ll have a full review up soon.