Introducing: Ant's Eye View

Every kid has his dreams. Going to the moon, having Jedi mind control powers, being able to stay up past  11p while eating all the Lemon Coolers you can get your hands on.

As we grow up, we retain many of our childhood dreams (I will go to the moon some day) but we also acquire new ones. For a decade or more I’ve dreamed of running my own company, and today I’m proud to announce the launch of my new company, Ant’s Eye View!

The company is a strategy firm focused on customer interaction, community building, and social media.

I’ll be continuing to blog here at Community Guy (thus the new and improved look and feel), so check back in for news and updates. If you’re interested, the new site is up running and I’d love your feedback.

Like one of the great philosophers of our time once said… And away we go!