Introducing EgorCast

At Big in Japan, we have devised a plan to release "casual apps" once a month. These apps will span the comical ( to the functional. The idea is to design, develop, and launch an entire application in about a week, showcasing some key concept of agile development, social strategy, and the future of web functionality.

Our April release is almost ready for primetime.  We started coding the application on Friday and had our first release this evening (at DemoCampDallas2). It works, and we should be launching soon. Allow me to introduce you to EgorCast:

EgorCast™ is a simple web service designed to integrate the functionality of and social mo-blogging (mobile blogging) services such as and Jott allows users to dial a predetermined phone number and record a 15 second message. Jott then transcribes the message and emails the transcription to your phone or email account. EgorCast provides a gateway between the messages from Jott and social mo-blogging services such as Twitter and/or Jaiku. EgorCast can also send your messages to your WordPress blog with a specific category or tag.