Introducing your Admins

Nikonians Anniversary

One of the forums I follow regularly had a very activity I wanted to share. In the words of the Nikonians admin who started the thread:

Celebrating our 8th year of Nikonians, jrp and I thought it would be good to let the team members “in the background”, both volunteers and staff, come forward and present themselves shortly, including mugshot here.
Ramón (jrp) and I started Nikonians back in April 2000 and what was in the beginning small forum, turned into what Nikonians is today. We had a tough time back in end of 2003 where the costs way exceeded the revenue of memberships (we had only membership revenue back then) so we decided to start the, which we launched in January 2004 and that helped to secure the community’s growth.
I am living in Bratislava, Slovakia nowadays, but I grew up in Sweden. Have been living on European continent for the past 20 years.

Great way to both recognize those who do hard work without much recognition, and to get the community to learn how much really happens without them seeing. The thread is flush with participation and enthusiasm.