Introductions should be personal

I just got a call from a company I sometimes do business with asking me to join their loyalty/rewards program. The caller was a nice lady named Grace who first asked if I had time to talk. When I said yes, she quickly and enthusiastically introduced me to the program and made sure I didn’t have any questions. Grace also filled me in on how the program is used by the store employees, ensuring me that even entry level employees are well trained on how it works. It sounded like a great program, and eagerly signed up.

Or not.

Actually, said company’s auto-dialer called me and after a really long initial pause, started pitching me on their loyalty program. Yes, that’s right, an auto-dialer is trying to get me to sign up for a loyalty program. I hung up like the phone was on fire.

I’m shaking my head. Not sure whether it’s because of the irony or the disappointment.