Intuit on Amazon

Many companies struggle with the best way to engage users where they are. On-domain properties are easy since they’re under the company’s control, but what about when users are talking about you and your products off-domain? Intuit noticed that users were having dynamic discussions about their products in the reviews and review comments on Amazon. Rather than ignore, they rolled up their sleeves and jumped into the fold. - Manufacturer review

From Intuit’s Small Business United blog:

Since QuickBooks 2010 launched, our team has responded to every single review on our QuickBooks Pro 2010 Amazon site by posting a comment. Although this has worked well for us to resolve issues and thank happy customers, there were certain instances where our comments provided important information and clarifications about the product and it was hard for customers to get to that information.

For example, when the QuickBooks team worked over a weekend to make a major change to the product based on feedback from the Amazon reviews, it was hard for people visiting the Amazon site to know that there had been a change. The original reviews complaining about the issue were front and center on the Amazon page, whereas our comments stating that we had fixed the issue were almost hidden from view. We knew we had to do something, as our QuickBooks customers were getting outdated information on the Amazon site.

They were so proactive, Amazon even asked them to work together on the redesign for manufacturer comments.

The lesson here: Roll up your sleeves, wade in, and start working. It can yield fantastic results!