Iran blames Twitter, Google for its woes

Makes you wonder if the Facebook and Twitter downtime was coming from Iran….

Following on the heels of an unprecedented mass trial of 100 opposition figures a week ago, Saturday’s session at Tehran’s Revolutionary Court focused on the British Embassy’s chief political analyst, Hossein Rassam, a local staff member of the French Embassy, Nazak Ashfar, and a 24-year-old French teacher, Clotilde Reisse, who was working and studying in Isfahan, according to IRNA, Iran’s official news agency. In a vague and rambling indictment, the three were charged with espionage and “acting against the national security,” and blamed for inciting “riots.” It went on to blame a litany of Western intelligence agencies, media organizations, and software companies — including Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Facebook, Twitter, Voice of America, BBC Persia, and even Google’s new Persian-to-English translation software — for their roles in the supposed vast conspiracy.