iTunes annoyance

Even though I don’t (yet) have a video iPod, I went TV show shopping on iTunes today. I’ve been noticing that iTunes has had a number pilot episodes for new shows downloadable for free, and thought I’d take advantage of them. This lead me to check out a few other paid shows too.

But after a few minutes, I was ready to throw in the towel. Unlike the music, the 30 second previews are horrible. TV shows always have previews as they’re advertised on TV. Oh, and they’re usually 30 seconds long too. So why not use this pre-existing, ready-to-go, informative content? Why grab random 30 second slices of the show, or even worse – the opening sequence. That’s right, one show I checked out had various segments of the opening credits as the preview for every episode of the entire season. What a wasted opportunity.