JibJab Open Audition

Remember JibJab, those wacky dudes that came up with the incredibly funny This Land 2004 election animation?

They’ve opened up an open casting call for their next animation.

So you want to star in the next JibJab? We hope so! We’ve been working around the clock to build a brand spankin’ new website that will allow you to be an integral part of making the next JibJab.

How? In the past, when we needed faces for our characters, we called our friends and family and invited them to send us their photos (click here to see our friends and family in past JibJabs). Now, thanks to the power of the Interweb, we’re going to invite you to be in our movies too. When we launch our new site later this summer we’ll be casting for over 100 characters. You’ll be able to scan the list of “casting calls” and upload your photo for any role you want to play.