Kindle: Me and Oprah Agree

My latest post is live! Here’s the opening of Kindle: Me and Oprah Agree :

There are not many things that Oprah and I agree on, but when I heard her endorsement of the Kindle, I felt like we were nerds united. “I’m telling you, it is absolutely my new favorite thing in the world,” Oprah said. Sing it, sister.

I’ve always worn my friend-imposed “Early Adopter” moniker with pride. But as I get older, or perhaps just busier, my desire to experiment with half-baked gadgets has decreased at a rapid rate. These days my gadgets have to improve the workflow of my life.

At this year’s SXSW event in March, I had the chance to talk to Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos at length about the Amazon Kindle; the device, the business model, and the future. Bezos’ clear enthusiasm for the device and the platform amped up my own interest purchasing a Kindle, but I’d heard some pretty hefty and repeated usability concerns about the device. For six months, I swallowed my gadget lust and remained steady in goal of holding off until their new, and certainly improved version 2 was launched.

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