LEGO: Seven Years Later

This time seven years ago, the LEGO Company was only just beginning to work on introducing themselves to their adult community, and were finally getting serious about the kids community.

In my five years at LEGO the situation on the ground went from having colleagues regularly decline to even meet with me, to having a Wired cover story about our work and seeing the company restructured to include three silos, one of which was community/education/direct. I left the company with a feeling of success, but still wondering if I’d actually had any affect. Had anything actually changed? I had put way too many hours, traveled thousands of miles, met hundreds of people, and had countless arguments with colleagues who simply didn’t "get it". Great interview, well worth the time.

Nearly a year later I had my answer. The current LEGO CEO, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, did an interview with new publication, Monocle where he talks about moving the company back to its roots and truly putting users at the front of the decision making process. Clearly this guy "gets it", and hopefully he can help change a culture that is not necessarily inclined to change quickly.

It might have taken seven years to get the company moving in the right direction, but it’s clearly headed there. I’m proud to have been a part of that success.